Support Flowers4Bees

Without the commitment of individuals Flowers4Bees could not exist and support the welfare of pollinators.

You can support the goals of our association in many ways

  • Become a member of Flowers4Bees. Find more information here.
  • Donate to Flowers4Bees using our bank account details. If your donation exceeds 50 Euros, we are happy to issue a receipt.
  • Cooperate with us in projects for pollinator protection or apiculture.
  • Share scientific evidence or information about interesting initiatives and campaigns in the areas of bee protection or horticulture.
  • Get involved – as a hobby gardener or professional grower, as a beekeeper or by feeding bees or offering shelter. Maybe you also find a different way to take action – in any case you will help the pollinators and the environment as a whole and thereby support the mission of Flowers4Bees.
  • Talk about Flowers4Bees and spread our ideas.