Interesting initiatives

Find out where to get to know pollinators even better and how to support them.

Support environmental protection projects

Surely, there are projects of nature conservation associations and other NGOs in your area that you can support physically and/or financially. Particularly during the last years, many people have realized how important pollinators are and that we all can help to protect them. Browse the web or look for ads in your local newspaper or community center to find other people and organizations that have committed to protecting our environment.

  • The British Beekeepers Association where you can find out everything about beekeeping
  • List of Top Organizations and Initiatives where you can find advice what to do and projects to support bees
  • The Bee Cause Project brings honeybees into schools of the USA
  • Bybi – The City Bees of Norway’s capital Oslo promote urban beekeeping and honey production
  • Danmark’s wild bees are in the focus here – find out all about them and how you can help protect them