Bee a caterer

You can help insects even without a garden.

No space? No problem!

Even without owning a garden you can be a good host to pollinators. For example, you can plant flowerpots on your terrace or flowerboxes and hanging baskets on your balcony. If you hang the flowerboxes both inward and outward, you can double the space for plants and increase the diversity of flowers. Drought-resistant plants with shallow roots will make both you and the bees happy.

Think vertically

By creating rooftop gardens and green facades you can actively create new habitats for insects and birds. This way, the negative impact of urban development and fragmentation of the landscape can be reduced. Vegetation on rooftops and facades can be installed on private houses or on commercial and municipal buildings as environment protection measures.

Protect remote biotopes

If you want to protect pollinators, don’t only think about your immediate surrounding but also about protecting distant habitats by making wise consumer decisions. For example, you can buy peat-free soil to conserve moors. Moors are not only rich in species but also important carbon sinks. Alternatively, you can also choose local, natural substrates such as garden compost.