Purposes and goals

Read more about the motivation of our association and the implementation of our goals.

Purpose of the association

We are working toward two main goals that are laid down in our statutes. First, we want to promote nature protection and landscape conservation. Second, Flowers4Bees is committed to promote animal welfare, especially that of honeybees, wild bees and other pollinators, and to convey know-how and competences for a bee-friendly cultivation of ornamental plants.

Implementation of our goals

We want to achieve our goals by sharing scientific information about the bee-friendly cultivation of plants and by offering workshops for horticultural businesses and interested third parties. Furthermore, we aim at informing the public how to create bee- and insect-friendly gardens.
By establishing a network of flower producers, retailers and other stakeholders (science, business, politics) and by supporting research and education, we want to promote and convey up-to-date knowledge about the relationship of plants and pollinators.