About us

Find out what motivated us to found our association and get to know our current members. 

Starting point

Most of you have probably heard of the worldwide decline of bees and other wild insects – a precarious development that urgently needs to be counteracted. Products of the horticulture and flower retail sector (“the green sector”) provide living space and are an important food source for pollinators. Both sectors can therefore make a positive contribution to their well-being. For example, horticultural businesses can sell bee-friendly plants to support hobby gardeners in protecting pollinators. By this we do not only make our own lives more colorful but also ensure that insects can perform their indispensable role of pollinators.

Foundation of the association

Having realized that, 12 employees of Blume 2000 decided to go ahead and founded Flowers4Bees in 2014. Soon after, other companies expressed interest in our work and the association kept growing. Meanwhile, it is registered in the Register of Associations and recognized as a non-profit organization.

Our association is based in Norderstedt, Germany, but also operates across German borders together with its international partners.

This is what we stand for

We take our name literally. Flowers4Bees aims to foster:

  1. the green sector’s commitment for bees and other pollinators and at the same time
  2. the production and trading of bee-friendly plants and flowers.

The second point goes beyond just selling domestic flowers that are rich in pollen and nectar. It also aims at establishing an insect-friendly production of these food sources in order to actively provide a healthy environment for pollinators. More detailed and concrete information about our Purpose and Activities can be found on the next pages.


Our members

These are our current members.

Mester Grønn AS

GASA Group Denmark

GASA Group Germany GmbH

BLUME 2000 Blumen-Handelsgesellschaft mbH

BLUME 2000 new media ag